Заставка для сайта на английском

Заказчик: EDISON.

Описание: Разработаны слоган и сценарий видеоролика на английском языке. Произведена отрисовка персонажей и выполнена анимация по сценарию. Было проведено смысловое обоснование слогана. Носителем английского языка произведена экспертиза идеи, видео и слогана с точки зрения понятности, прозрачности мысли и культурной идентичности.


I want to discuss the flash movie.


We imply more than just some kind of knowledge here. It is about truly confirmed long term experience in our sphere. I want to emphasize many man-years of experience. And tens of projects that were both successful and unsuccessful. The word wisdom is shown with the checkmate queen, king’s counselor etc who is the person of a great wisdom.

Do you think it is possible to express my opinion this way?

AGILE is an existing software programming technology. We assert that we do things fast, easily and quickly. I use nouns at the movie. AGILITY means what I want and AGILITY is consonant to AGILE.

Is it possible to say in this way?

What do you think about the movie in general?


Right, now I understand the context. These words make sense in the way you explained them to me but still sound strange in English here. I would use something like «(Proven) Knowledge» instead of «Wisdom» (the associations of this word are with wise old men with long beards…like from the bible…too high-flown for this situation). I’d also change «Agility» to something like «Flexibility» — agility is a physical characteristic of sportsmen and so doesn’t fit very well here. The final decision is yours, of course.

In general, I like the flash vid — simple and effective. It clearly shows your message.